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The Alchemist dwarf is one of the most vital classes. This class is assigned by left clicking the green Music Disc.

The identifier block of the Alchemist is Lapiz Lazuli. This should be used to build your shop.

The job of the Alchemist is to craft Potions.

Starting Items Edit

  1. Book (transmute item)
  2. Brewing Stands(2)
  3. Cauldrons(2)
  4. Chests(2)
  5. Redstone Dust(5)
  6. Lapiz Lazuli(64) (identiftying block)
  7. Glass(64)
  8. Signs(3)
Brewing grid

Transmute Edit

In order to transmute, an Alchemist must have 3 Mundane Potions in his/her inventory. To create Mundane Potions, place redstone in a Brewing Stand along with 1-3 Glass Bottles filled with water. When you do so, you are given some experience, a Bucket of Milk, 3-8 Bones, 9 Sand, and a chance to get up to 3 of any of the 4 types of Potions.

The 4 types of Potions are:

  1. Potion of Healing (most common)
  2. Potion of Swiftness
  3. Potion of Strength
  4. Potion of Fire Resistance

Alchemists generally brew potions until near the second night or all dwarves all four types. When the second night is approaching, most Alchemists gear up and help take down the Dragon.

Tips and Hints Edit

1. It's a good idea, as it is with nearly every class, to punch down a tree or two after first spawning.

2. Set up shop near Blacksmiths , as they will be supplying you with redstone.

3. Locate a water source quickly, to fill up glass bottles and eventually to take the source block back to your shop with you (after transmuting your first bucket).

4. You will need a furnace and coal to make the glass needed for glass bottles, so prepare for this early by either getting the supplies or befriending a Blacksmith .

5. Take your bones, whenever you transmute them, to a nearby tailor dwarf instead of just dropping them in your 'out' chest.

6. If you have time, make bone meal and grow trees inside the Keep (Blacksmiths will thank you).