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The Blacksmith dwarf is the necessary class. You must have at least one blacksmith or else you will not be able to kill the dragon. This class is assigned by left clicking the salmon colored Music Disc.

The identifier block of the Smith is Nether Brick. This should be used to build your shop.

The job of the Blacksmith is to craft Weapons.

Starting Items Edit

  1. Book (transmute item)
  2. Iron Pickaxe
  3. Furnaces(2)
  4. Chests(2)
  5. Coal(10)
  6. Gold Ore(24)
  7. Redstone Ore(12)
  8. Nether Brick(64) (Identifying Block)
  9. Raw Fish(10)
  10. Signs(3)

Transmute Edit

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In order to transmute, a Blacksmith must have 3 Clocks in his/her inventory. Clocks are crafted with 4 Gold Ingots and 1 Redstone Dust. When Smiths transmute they gain experience, 8 Redstonballs25 Coal, and a chance to get a Diamond Sword, a Diamond Pickaxe, 32 Feathers, 32 Flint, and/or 3 String.

Blacksmiths generally craft weapons until near the second night or until everyone has a Diamond Sword and Bow (with plenty of arrows). When the second night is approaching, most Smiths gear up and help take down the Dragon.

Tips and Hints Edit

1. It's a good idea, as it is with nearly every class, to punch down a tree or two after first spawning; you'll need sticks to craft bows and arrows.

2. Set up shop near tailors , as they will be supplying you with gold ore.

3. In your free time, gather cobblestone for furnaces and wood for sticks. You will need sticks for making bows, arrows, and torches.

4. Let other dwarves use your furnaces or have a community furnace for others to use.

5. Take most of your redstone dust to alchemists and some coal to bakers , instead of just dropping them in your 'out' chest.

6. Work as a team! If you make items, you'll get the items that you need in return!

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