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Dwarves VS Zombies- Builder

Dwarves VS Zombies- Builder

Dwarves vs Zombies builder tutorial on Mind's DvZ

The Builder dwarf is the most common class (everyone is always given option). This class is assigned by left clicking the gold Music Disc.

The Builder class has no need for an identifier block.

The job of the Builder is to construct the Keep.

Starting Items Edit

  1. Book (transmute item)
  2. Iron Pickaxe
  3. Iron Shovel
  4. Iron Axe
  5. Leather Armor (full set)

Transmute Edit

Every 30 seconds as a Builder Dwarf you are able to transmute using your book. When do so, you are given some experience, 1-2 stacks of any of the 5 types of stone, and 3 Glowstone Dust.

The five types of stone are:

  1. Glowstone Dust (For light)
  2. Cracked Stone Brick
  3. Mossy Stone Brick
  4. Circle Stone Brick
  5. Stone Bricks

Builder Dwarves should build until near the second night. When the second night is approaching it is recommended that you gear up and help take down the Dragon.

Tips and Hints Edit

1. Transmute as often as possible (every 30 seconds) to get as the maximum amount of experience.

2. When building walls, make sure that they are at least 5 blocks high to avoid spiders jumping over them.

3. It is advised to make walls at least 2 blocks thick.

4. At the top of each wall, put a lip so that monsters with vines can't climb over (make sure the lip isn't below five blocks or spiders will be able to jump it).

5. Refrain from building tall structures in the air. It's the perfect spot for endermen to create their portals.

6. Make sure to replace the dirt floor with stone.

7. Spend more time building and less time scavenging for supplies. Give the supply classes time to... supply!