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The siegers





Potion Effects

Speed, Jump Boost

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The spider helps the monsters out by confusing dwarves with poison. This poison is in 3 varietys, there is the normal cave spider poison (this hurts the Dwarf you dab the poison on for 5 seconds), there is the Blackness Potion (this makes the Dwarf's view go almost completely black!), and finally there is the Drunk Potion (this makes the Dwarf's vision go wobbly). It can also move very fast and jump as high as 5 blocks.

Starting Items Edit

  1. Spider Eye (Ability)
  2. Splash Potion of Poison (Ability)(3)
  3. Steak (64)
  4. Iron Helmet (Blast Protection IV)
  5. Iron Chestplate (Blast Protection IV)
  6. Iron Leggings (Blast Protection IV)
  7. Iron Boots (Feather Falling IV, Blast Protection IV)

Timed Items Edit

  1. Map (Portal Warp)
  2. Ghast Tear (Kill Pill)

Starting Potion-Effects Edit

  1. Speed (≈24:30)
  2. Jump Boost IV (≈24:30)