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A typical Tailor Shop.

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Making leather armor

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The tailor is one of the most important classes in Dwarves vs Zombies. They are tasked with getting armour for the other Dwarves.

The tailor is identified by the mushroom block. They will also have grass in their shops to grow flowers on.

Starting ItemsEdit

  1. 1 Book (Transmute Item)
  2. Grass (Number of blocks varies)
  3. 3 Bones
  4. 64 Brown Mushroom


In order to transmute, a tailor must have 2 orange dye. When they transmute, tailors will always get 10 gold ore,
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Recipe to get orange dye

which can be given to a blacksmith to be made into a clock. Also there is a 30% chance to summon each part of diamond armour.

Tips and TricksEdit

  1. It's a good idea to make your shop near a Alchemist, because they can supply you with bonemeal.
  2. It's also a good idea to make alot of armour, just in case you are supplying more Dwarves with armour than you first thought.
  3. Take your excess gold to your local blacksmith instead of dropping it into your out box.