Many people have found numerous ways to assist themselves and their teammates towards victory. And let's face it. Dwarves have a hard time winning, maybe these can change that. "May the odds be ever in your favor."


This is perhaps the most important way to prevent mobs from pooring into the shrines. At first, it may not seem like a very important thing to need. You may think that all that's needed is a verticle layer of stone, right? Wrong, there are a few ways to prevent mobs from easily waltzing by and stealing the shrine.

  1. Making a caking wall.
  2. Removing or adding blocks

Also once the monsters start streaming in, (If you're a builder) Fill up any pesky hole except you can't really fill up the top holes, in order to do that you must face your enemies and go up on a ladder, (make sure to block it) and fight off the monsters on the top it might be hard so bring a friend or two to protect you while you block of the top hole. Continue filling in holes left by creepers, and your team of dwarves should make it all the way to at least 220 monsters left (That's my teams record).

Caking WallEdit

Caking walls are simply walls that have numerous layers, that each layer that goes higher get thinner. This means that the bottom layer will be the thickest, and vice versa for the top. Kinda like a wedding cake, however on side is a flat wall. A recommended height is about 5 blocks, this prevents most easy ways of bashing right through, and will take at least 4-5 creepers to get through.

  1. Start by building a 5-7 block high wall first. Remember, the higher it gets, the longer is will take to finish, but will be much stronger. 4 is recommended for speedy emergencies.
  2. Next, make a pyramid, this will show you a blueprint of what will take place next.
  3. Fill in the rest and you've got a relatively strong wall.

Anti LadderEdit

Those pesky ladders, allowing mobs to climb to victory, let's make sure that can't happen. This is extremely easy, and prevents mobs from allowing this.

Simply put a block at the top of the wall. Done, easy. If there's a gravitational pull, then quickly put one beneath it. The first will still stay up allowing ease of prevention.

Moving onEdit

Sometimes invading the 2nd shrine is quite hard. If there's a lot of players on, chances are a good majority will be in that shrine. Simply move on. There will be less resistance if you keep moving on because you're expected to be trying to invade the next shrine, but skipping is totally fine.